Joey & Tim | burn it down

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Omg who else was rooting for these two during the 1st two episodes . They were so cute!! Episode 3 toke a turn for the worst and had my doubts as far as if I’m going to ship them or not . Team Joey all the way! Those boys were so wrong and I tried to not include those parts in my video but I feel like Tim should have tried to stop them and not just sit there and then afterwards had the nerve to ask Joey if she was okay? Like bro. Anyways I’m happy that he at least admitted that what the other two boys did was wrong and that he literally just sat there and let it happen. I don’t know for me to ship these two again like I did in the 1st few episodes Tim is really going to have to apologize and I hope Joey makes him pay or gives him the silent treatment for awhile atleast. Anyways not the best but I hope you all enjoy the video!


Grand Army is American drama streaming television series created by Katie Cappiello that premiered on Netflix on October 16, 2020. It is loosely based on Cappiello's Slut: The Play.

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