2020 Commodity Classic – Taking Your Yields to the Next Level: Hear From the Yield Masters

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Taped at 2020 Commodity Classic, Feb. 27-29, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas.

Speakers: Randy Dowdy, NCGA Corn Yield Champion & Soybean World Record
Holder, Valdosta, GA; David Hula, Corn Yield World Record Holder, Charles City, VA
. Moderated by Mike Kavanaugh, AgriGold's National Agronomy Manager.

The most successful growers have more in common than just the high-yielding seed they use. They know maximizing their acres is a team effort. It takes a combination of the best genetics, know-how, and true partnership to be a Yield Master. If you’re interested in and committed to trying something new — and are willing to be a student of the crop — check out this Yield Master session to learn the approach that the nation’s top corn growers take to growing high-yielding corn.

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